Dr. Phil said so…..

“Character is much easier kept then recovered”…. I heard this and LOVED it! Ever think about things you’ve lost for no reason other than your own actions? Decisions you’ve made and wished you hadn’t? Those are called valuable lessons in my world!

Stay true to who you are, take risks, reap rewards and learn from mistakes along the way, but never lose site of what is important-your character.


Don’t paint me into a corner!

There is nothing like someone you think you can 100% count on when they clearly (without them knowing you know) think different and are only in it for themselves.  Almost frightening when you really realize it. Possibly the sheep thinks it is smarter then the wolf. “Never underestimate the other guy”!


Training is Key and is Required…..

I love to train! I love to motivate! It inspires me to do more, go faster and strive for even more. Certainly we will find giant road blocks in our way, giant obstacle’s you think there is no way… I’m here to reassure you tomorrow is another day. One minute from right now is different then the next-its what and how you look at things that give you internally the ability to act on them. Think of your attitude as a high powered jet motor. Runs on specific oils, and needs and very specific type of fuel.

Your mind, attitude and way of being are no different. Fuel the positives in your life. Oil the moving part that will help you achieve more!

And above all, use the right oil and gas or you may find yourself stranded on the runway… Train, Train, Train Train…. This is your fuel and your oil-now fly!


Hello world!

I am fired up announce my new blog. I have been told too many times I should have a reality TV show. My style is unique! Velvet glove, iron fist!

I want all to be HAPPY and SUCCESSFUL! Life is fruitful and rewarding to all. I will share much with you in coming days, weeks and years ahead! Islands now, Bogo tomorrow…. Talk soon~