“Black Belts are simply White Belts who didn’t quit”

Congrats Princess~                                                                                
  1. Set Personal Goals – Personal goals define personal success. Success cannot be achieved unless goals have been set ahead of time.
  2. Visualize Success – Picture the outcome of your efforts. Use it as motivation to get you there.
  3. Work Hard – Be ready to sweat. Success comes at a cost. That cost is hard work.
  4. Learn From Your Mistakes – Mistakes are inevitable, and they are also the single greatest element of education.
  5. Never Quit – Quitting is failing. Brush yourself off, reevaluate your approach and try again.
  6. Keep Training – Self-study is vital. Never stop learning new material and never stop training with the material you already know.
  7. Assist Others – You must always give back what you take. Be a student and a teacher. You will learn something new in both roles.
  8. Maintain a Relaxed Mind – Relaxation is a critical part of keeping a clear perspective. Even under stressful conditions you must maintain mental equilibrium… breath.
  9. Value Your Mentors – A good mentor understands where you’ve been, where you intend to go, and is also chock full of priceless firsthand advice. Respect your mentors and value their opinions.


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